...in their own words



Staci Greason twirls
like Wonder Woman,
advises like Athena, and
has the patience of
the Virgin Mary!


Nancy Schmidt – Owner

Boutique Theatrical & Literary Agency


Staci dove into the world
of my work and created a proposal for a book. It landed a deal with a Simon & Schuster
in two months! Together, we wrote a beautiful book. Staci made my dreams come true.  


- Celebrity Beauty Consultant, Client



Staci always made me feel
I CAN do this. She is a motivational coach as well as a ghost writer. She's always there when you need help and sticks to the game plan. Our first book proposal landed me a NY lit agent in three months.  

- Celebrity Athlete, Entreprenuer, Client


Staci is the epitome of grace. Her quick, efficient, and flawless writing skills speak
for themselves. 


- Celebrity Chef, Children’s Book Author, Client

Staci spoiled me.
She raised my expectations for what my next agent/artist relationship should be. She's tireless and fearless, brutally honest yet supportive to no end. Staci was my Jerry Maguire. I really miss working with her.


- Munier Sharrieff, Screenwriter,  Director, Client