How to Begin

Sometimes, it’s hard to get started on a new piece. I seek inspiration, motivation and ways to trick myself into writing. The key is getting your butt into the chair and typing. Over and over until the end.

writer blocks.jpg
  • Read

  • Listen to music

  • Dance

  • Watch films

  • Visit museums

  • Jot down local news' stories

  • Doodle/paint/draw

  • Hike/run/bike

  • Sit in silence

  • Trust little whispers

  • Eavesdrop

  • Think about stuff while doing all of the above

  • Think about nothing while doing all of the above

  • Talk over ideas with a friend

  • Ask yourself, “What if?”

  • Think of someone you'd like to shadow

  • Find the character's favorite music

  • Set hours to write every day. Like a job. It is.

  • Start anywhere…beginning, middle or end

  • Increase writing time five minutes passed the time you're screaming to quit

  • Pay attention when you avoid writing

  • Respect your work. Don't let anything or anyone take precedence over your scheduled writing time

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