Guest Blog to Promote Your Book

Recently, I was asked to guest write on Shelley Workinger's really fun blog, BUT WHAT ARE THEY EATING?

Here's what Shelley says about her blog: "It's a "FoodFic" (Food in Fiction) premise that offers a platform for a fun and unique plug of your work; unlike most posts that ask you to describe the plot of your book, what the characters are doing and with whom, BWATE? lets you discuss what the characters are eating and why that's relevant!I"

I took the opportunity to write about the lead character, Kate, from my novel The Last Great American Housewife.

Guest blogging is a great way to expand your circle, meet new writers, hone how you write about your writing, and promote your brand.

You can check out Shelley's blog (and my piece) by clicking on the title below.


"Mange! Mange!"

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