A Client's Success - from Paper to Published!

Last year a writer hired me to help her to the finish line. She'd written a travel essay and wanted to find a literary home. This may seem simple, but my client is a business owner with a busy schedule. She needed a little support in accomplishing a literary dream.

We decided on a deadline. Created a realistic submission schedule.

First, she had to find literary journals looking for her essay's topic and word count.

Second, she had to do two submissions a week.

Each week, I sent an encouragement. Each week she reported in. She kept her promise. I kept mine.

Six weeks later - success!

With her permission, I've attached my client, Rebekah Delling's story, "Easy Hike, Honduras," that is featured intravel magazine. Enjoy!

Congratulations, Rebekah!

What's next?!!!!

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