The Muse

butt + chair + Staci = victory!


My twenty years as a writer and coach have taught me that writers are happiest writing. The trick is to have a vision, stay in the work, work smarter…and never give up. Many writers can’t accomplish this alone.


I am the queen of never give up.


My literary achievements include award-winning television pilots, screenplays, and novels. My essays have appeared in Brevity  Slate, AFLW, Lunch Ticket, The Same, and The Huffington Post, among others. 


I worked in film development for Smashing Pictures/FOX (Aquamarine, Idiocracy) and was a literary agent at the Boutique Agency.


I even left a lucrative career on Days of Our Lives to pursue writing full-time.


I love writing. I know the work. And I love helping writers thrive in today’s exciting, fast-paced literary world.


My client list is robust and includes happy novelists, screenwriters, TV writers, corporations like The Ford Motor Company and non-writers such as a celebrity chef, a successful life coach, an aesthetician to the stars, and even a famous skateboarder.


But, you don't have to be famous to get people interested in your work!


After engaging with me, my clients have received publishing advances, literary agents, and film options. Several clients used their discoveries to brand and create new companies. The most important thing is that each client accomplished his or her goal while learning more about themselves - and having a lot of fun along the way.


 What are you waiting for?