Creative Coaching

the write coach

Champion sports teams have great coaches. Academy Award winning actors have coaches. Writers deserve somebody in their corner, too.


Writing is a solitary process, but that doesn't mean you have to do it alone. 


Whether you’re avoiding the script, looking for a new agent, or at a loss as to how to move forward after literary rejection, Staci offers weekly or monthly one-on-one, goal-oriented, coaching sessions tailored to meet your literary needs.

manuscript review

There’s nothing like the relief of finishing a first draft. Until you realize the terror of facing the second, third, fourth...and yikes! beyond.


Staci offers professional script and book consultations.   

book proposals
creative development

Are you an expert in underwater photography? Do you have a successful business and want a series of books to expand your brand? Are you writing a memoir?


Write a compelling book proposal first. Discover a fresh way to tell your story, create an outline and make an action plan.


The book proposal is your calling card to finding a literary agent and/or publishing deal.  


Staci guides you through the entire book proposal process.

You have an idea. Now what?


How do you weave the threads of your qualifications, personal experiences, hopes and wisdom, even glimmers of insight into the birth of a company or brand?


Staci loves guiding clients through the process of creating a larger platform - from a book to a Ted Talk, from a product to a fully realized brand. 




brainstorm session

Coming Fall 2019


How to Create a Compelling Book Proposal:

One Month to One Book Idea



If you’re lucky enough to have a friend or patient spouse who will listen as you plot out the third act, then you’re lucky enough. Most writers need someone to bounce off ideas when at a crossroads in the work.


Schedule a creative call, or set-up weekly check-in’s, for a specific work-in-progress.